The Importance of Joe Rogan in the Growth of the UFC

The Importance of Joe Rogan in the Growth of the UFC

Joe Rogan has been credited by many people, including Dana White, for his importance in the growth of the UFC.

He first worked on UFC 12 on 7 February 1997, carrying out backstage interviews and interviewing the winners of the main events. He first worked as co-commentator on the hastily put-together UFC 37.5 on 22 June 2002.

Over 20 years later, he still co-commentates on numbered UFC events held in the United States.

How did he play a crucial role in bringing the UFC to a wider audience and gaining mainstream acceptance?

Commentary Style

Joe Rogan’s passion for combat sports generally and MMA in particular has always been clear to see. For the first 12 events he worked for the UFC, he did so for free. This shows how much he loved the sport.

He exudes passion and excitement in his commentary, which helps to draw viewers in and make them invested in the fights. Rogan is also very good at translating the action for casual viewers. Since the early days when the finer details of the ground game weren’t well known, he was walking viewers through what was happening and breaking down the technical aspects. This accessibility has been essential for attracting a broader fan base.

Legitimising MMA

In the early days of the UFC, MMA was considered barbaric and was very much a fringe sport. As a black belt in both Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Joe Rogan understands the intricacies of the sport.

By highlighting the fighters’ athleticism, dedication and technical skills, he helped viewers see the sport beyond the violence. This shift in perception was crucial for gaining mainstream acceptance and attracting sponsorships that fuelled the UFC’s growth.


The Joe Rogan Experience has a massive audience and is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Joe Rogan has used this platform to introduce MMA to millions of people who might not have otherwise been exposed to the sport.

His discussions with fighters, trainers and other personalities in the MMA world have helped to educate and engage a broader audience. It has also provided fighters with a platform to tell their stories and connect with fans at a deeper level.

The exposure the podcast has given to the UFC and its fighters has undoubtedly contributed to its growth and led to a more invested fanbase.


Joe Rogan’s influence on the growth of the UFC cannot be overstated. His platform, knowledge, and passion for the sport have helped to bring MMA into the mainstream and attract a wider audience of fans.

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