Interview with Andreeas Binder

Interview with Andreeas Binder

Andreeas Binder is an Irish MMA prospect with a pro record of 9-2-0, 1 NC.

I sat down with Andreeas and spoke with him about his last fight, his next fight in September in the PFL, his martial arts background, training at SBG Charlestown and being the only MMA fighter to hold a win over Ian Machado Garry.

Move up to Welterweight

I asked Andreeas about moving up to Welterweight for his last fight and if he was likely to be staying in that division.

He explained that when he signed for the PFL last year, he twice missed weight for fights in the Lightweight division. Andreeas feels healthier at Welterweight and enjoys his training more since moving up. He said he is likely to remain in this division for at least the next two years or so.

Last Fight

Andreeas Binder beat Victor Kuku by third round submission via rear naked choke in LFL on 12 April 2024. I asked how he prepared for this fight given that Kuku has an unusual karate-type style.

Andreeas agreed that he had a really weird style, but that he figured out how to deal with him as the fight went on. Once he was able to implement his grappling strategy, Andreeas was confident he would get the win.


I asked about Andreeas’s PFL contract. He said although that nothing has yet been confirmed, he expects to fight for the PFL in Glasgow on 28 September 2024. In the meantime, he plans to bulk up to a Welterweight frame.

After missing his two previous PFL fights due to missing weight, Andreeas wants to show what he can do.

Martial Arts Background

Andreeas Binder has a second degree black belt in Judo. He started doing Judo when he was eight or nine and went on to win national and international titles.

Wanting to challenge himself further, Andreeas started kickboxing and boxing, before moving on to MMA around nine years ago.

SBG Charlestown

I asked Andreeas when he started training under Owen Roddy at SBG Charlestown. He started training there around three years ago, when he felt that he had outgrown his previous MMA gym in Galway. A friend recommended trying out the gym, he felt very comfortable there from the start and found that a lot of talented fighters were training there.

Initially, Andreeas was still living and working in Galway. He would travel to Dublin on his days off work and stay at his friend’s house. After doing this for six or seven months, Andreeas decided to move to Dublin full-time.

Owen Roddy

Although his background is in Judo and grappling, Andreeas is also an effective striker. He credits Owen Roddy with helping him achieve this. He also explained how Roddy does not try to change any of his fighters’ styles, he focuses on their strengths and just tries to improve what they do. Consequently, the fighters at SBG Charlestown have a wide variety of styles.

Cage Warriors

After Graham Boylan and John Kavanagh have opened up the opportunity for SBG fighters to join Cage Warriors, I asked Andreeas if his team mates would be open to doing so. He feels this is very positive and will provide more opportunities for the pro fighters in his gym as well as fighters who are looking to turn pro.

Ian Machado Garry

Andreeas Binder is the only fighter to have beaten Ian Machado Garry in either the professional or amateur ranks. I asked him about this fight, which was in Clan Wars. Andreeas said it was a back and forth fight, but that he outgrappled him and won by split decision. 

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