Superbon: The Climb Back to the Title

Superbon: The Climb Back to the Title

At the beginning of the 2020s, Superbon made his way to the top of the Kickboxing world. In 2021, he knocked out arguably the greatest kickboxer of all time, Georgio Petrosyan, to claim the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing Title. During his reign, he also earned himself the title of being the #1 Pound For Pound Kickboxer in the world.

However, his reign ended in 2023 when he was knocked out by Chingiz Allazov. The Muay Thai legend is now making his way back up the ladder, as he is booked to fight for the Interim Featherweight Kickboxing Title against Marat Grigorian this Friday. But how did he get here in the first place?


Like many Muay Thai fighters, Superbon began training very young. He began training at the age of 5 and competing at 6. At 18, he moved to Bangkok for both study and to compete in the famous Muay Thai stadium circuits. However, it was all too much for him. He couldn’t keep up with both his studies and Muay Thai. Since he didn’t see himself being able to make a decent living from Muay Thai, he quit the sport and joined the police force.

Superbon Policeman
Superbon in his police uniform

Things took a turn for the better for Superbon in 2013, after he met Muay Thai legend Buakaw in Australia. Buakaw saw his potential in the sport and let Superbon train at his gym when they returned to Thailand. Buakaw’s mentoring led Superbon to compete under Kickboxing rules, as Buakaw saw more potential for him there. It was also a much more profitable path, something he had a much better chance at making a living out of. And now, the rest is history.


Superbon found huge success when he ventured into the world of Kickboxing. In 2016, he won the Kunlun Fight World Max tournament in China. He won Enfusion Live 76 8-Man Tournament in 2018. In 2019, he became the IPCC 70kg Kickboxing World Champion. Then in 2021, he scored his infamous knockout against all-time great Georgio Petrosyan, capturing the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing Championship and becoming the #1 Pound For Pound Kickboxer.

Since losing the belt, Superbon has knocked out Tayfun Ozcan in Kickboxing with an incredible high kick, and challenged Tawanchai for the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai Championship, in which he came up short.

Superbon has never been afraid to challenge himself, always chasing greater and greater achievements. Even after suffering two losses in recent years, he still holds the spot of the #2 Pound For Pound Kickboxer, an incredible achievement in itself.

Superbon has etched himself as a legend of the sport, amassing a record of 114-35 over his career. But even after his illustrious career, he is still not done.

He is on the climb back to the title, and the next rung on this ladder is attempting to beat Marat Grigorian this Friday for the Interim Featherweight Kickboxing Title at ONE Friday Fights 58. We’ll find out on Friday if Superbon still has it in him to be a world champion.

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